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I am new on the Marlin Board and thus can't respond to PM's and can't even edit my post.

My e-mail is: info at huntingsuppliers . com

GUN IN SOLD - J M Marlin Ballard Model #1 1/2, S/N 71XX 38-55 Winchester 30 inch barrel, cast receiver. The barrel (outstanding condition) and forearm are from a Pacific #5. Lyman's Tang Sight, End of ramrod has a spent case on it. Missing the little elevator that raises the buckhorn sight on the barrel. Great bore, partial slight crack in stock as seen in photo 2.

J. M. Marlin Pat. February 9, 1875

Ballard's Patent November 5, 1861




Meepos Reloader

Ruger Redhawk

Lyman 323060 Mold












C96 Broomhandle Gun Parts For Sale

Ideal Straightline Reloading Kit 20 Gauge and 16 Gauge MEC Reloaders Remington 1876 Shotgun

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